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Rapid prototype technologies (RP) Classification and disadvantages

The popular rapid prototyping technology (RP) is currently:
CNC Machining, Stereolithography (SLA), 3D Printing, Laminated Manufacturing (LOM), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Melt Stacking Law (FDM).

But there are still some problems that need to be researched and improved in engineering practice:
1. Accuracy and resolution are limited to 0.1mm or more.
2. Edge thermal damage and burrs caused by heat fusion during Laser Cutting result in poor contour accuracy and surface roughness of the formed parts.
3. With the micro-hole injection and extrusion molding technology, the micro-holes are easy to be blocked, and the working reliability needs to be improved.
4. Some processes using vertical cutting have to minimize the thickness of each layer in order to reduce the step effect and improve the accuracy, which limits the manufacturing speed.
5. Most processes are limited to one or a few materials, for example: SLS limited to paraffin, plastics, metals, ceramics and other powdered thermoplastic materials: SLA limited to thermosetting photosensitive resin: LOM is limited to paper, metal foil, plastic film and other thin materials: FDM Limited to waxes, thermoplastic resins, low melting point metals, etc. 2 Thick-Layer Manufacturing Technology Principles and Features of Cut-Cutting-Cutting Contours These shortcomings hinder the commercial application of RP.
Therefore, in the next few years, RP technology with high accuracy, low cost, and wide range of applicable materials will be the mainstream of research and development in this field.

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