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Guangdong Shunde Teamwork Model Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2011, our factory covers 2000 square meters, has over 100 professional model makers, with the most advanced equipments, including CNC Machining centers, high-quality Vacuum Casting systems and RIM systems, excellent coordinate testing instruments as well as many types of fabrication equipments. Our technical advisor can assist your project from ideas and visual designs into production processes. Our Rapid Prototyping Services include: Precision CNC Machining, Reaction Injection Moulding, 3D Printing(SLA/SLS), Silicone Tooling, Vacuum Casting, Pressure Casting, and Post Production Finishing (Polishing and Painting). Strong technical support strength, excellent post-processing professionals and dust-free sample processing workshop, your product can be polished, sand blasting, painting, screen printing, printing, UV processing, metal oxide, drawing, electroplating and a full set of surface finishing and treatment processes to meet customer needs for high-quality model.
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  • Car Wheel Frame CNC Rapid Prototyping Auto Parts

    Car Wheel Frame CNC Rapid Prototyping Auto Parts

    Professional rapid prototype manufacturer for car wheel frame, we are trusted by famous car brand FOTON, BYD, HONDA and XIAOPENG. Our rapid prototyping service promise high quality products, fo
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  • Auto Protection Parts Car Bumper Front Safety Guard

    Auto Protection Parts Car Bumper Front Safety Guard

    Car bumper is to absorb and reduce the impact of the outside, protect the front and rear of the body safety device. The front and rear bumpers of cars are made of plastic. They are called pl
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  • Metal Items Prototyping CNC Machining Laser Cutting Molding

    Metal Items Prototyping CNC Machining Laser Cutting Molding

    Rich Rapid Prototype industry experience over 20 years, professional in Design, Product development, Aluminum-Alloy & Magnesium-Alloy parts and Precision parts manufacturing. Quality guarantee
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  • Supply High Quality Auto Lighting Parts Headlamp Prototype

    Supply High Quality Auto Lighting Parts Headlamp Prototype

    High quality headlamp protoptype for car company test using, to verify its design scientificity. We supply powerful guarantee and great help during the working of improving car research and dev
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  • Greeting gifts for our TEAMWORK family. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
  • We look back on 2019 with great pride, and look forward to 2020 with heavy responsibilities. Success is accompanied by hardships, harvest is accompanied by sweat. In each busy and fulfilling day, we usher in a brand new 2020. General manager Mr. Liang Demian, deputy general manager Mr. Chen Guangbin, and deputy general manager Mr. Lu Longjun summarized the work of past year of the company respectively, and pointed out the direction for the future development of the company, and inspired everyone to work for it with firm confidence. Director of the factory Mr. Chen Boming and director of finance department Ms. Liang Chuishi also made work summary and financial summary respectively for the past year. As can be seen from the data of the past year, 2019 is a busy and fruitful year, and the company's achievements can not be separated from the joint efforts of everyone. All the family members of TEAMWORK drink for future: 2020, new journey, new leap! Performances and lucky draw.
  • The popular rapid prototyping technology (RP) is currently: CNC machining, Stereolithography (SLA), 3D Printing, Laminated Manufacturing (LOM), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Melt Stacking Law (FDM). But there are still some problems that need to be researched and improved in engineering practice: 1. Accuracy and resolution are limited to 0.1mm or more. 2. Edge thermal damage and burrs caused by heat fusion during laser cutting result in poor contour accuracy and surface roughness of the formed parts. 3. With the micro-hole injection and extrusion molding technology, the micro-holes are easy to be blocked, and the working reliability needs to be improved. 4. Some processes using vertical cutting have to minimize the thickness of each layer in order to reduce the step effect and improve the accuracy, which limits the manufacturing speed. 5. Most processes are limited to one or a few materials, for example: SLS limited to paraffin, plastics, metals, ceramics and other powdered thermoplastic materials: SLA limited to thermosetting photosensitive resin: LOM is limited to paper, metal foil, plastic film and other thin materials: FDM Limited to waxes, thermoplastic resins, low melting point metals, etc. 2 Thick-Layer Manufacturing Technology Principles and Features of Cut-Cutting-Cutting Contours These shortcomings hinder the commercial application of RP. Therefore, in the next few years, RP technology with high accuracy, low cost, and wide range of applicable materials will be the mainstream of research and development in this field.
  • One of the trends of modern advanced machinery manufacturing technology is the complexity and precision of the product's shape structure. On the one hand, in order to meet the dynamic performance requirements, the shape and structure of aviation and aerospace products are often very complex; on the other hand, in order to meet people's personalized and aesthetic needs, some civilian products (toys and decorations) are of a strange design. Provides opportunities and conditions for the wide application of multi-axis CNC machining technology. Because compared with the traditional processing methods, multi-axis NC machining technology has obvious advantages in manufacturing complex shapes. For example, a single card can process multiple surfaces of complex parts, and it can guarantee high accuracy under certain conditions. effectiveness. At present, the application of multi-axis CNC machining technology still faces many difficulties. For example, the processing objects are often complex in shape, and the programming of the five axes itself is abstract and complex, and the operation is also complicated. In addition, the lack of experience in multi-axis machining processes can be followed. It is difficult to achieve universal multi-coordinate programming. Therefore, the processing of multi-coordinate machining in the programming system generally adopts a special-purpose component approach. As a representative of a multi-axis machine tool, a five-axis linkage machine can theoretically process parts with any complex surface. Therefore, the study of the five-axis linkage machine tool's structural model can not only understand its principle of motion, and thus contribute to the specific machine structure and parameters, the preparation of a complete post-processing program, and can be extended to more axis structure, movement the way. At the same time, three-axis and four-axis machine tools can be regarded as special forms of five-axis machine tools, which are easier to understand and apply. The five-axis linkage machine generally consists of three translation axes plus two rotary axes. According to the specific structure of the rotation axis, it can be divided into three types: double swing of the tool, double rotation of the worktable, and tool swing plus rotation of the worktable. It is defined that the axis where the normal vector of the rotation axis is constant is the orientation axis, and the axis where the normal vector of the rotation axis changes is the direction change axis. Because the five-axis machine tool double-swinging machine has the characteristics of table and moving axis, it can process large-scale and complicated curved parts, and it is easy to achieve excellent high-speed performance.
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